Television Advertising

“They put me on television. And the whole thing broke loose. It was wild, I tell ya for sure." ~ Elvis Presley

SRH Media Group, LLC believes in using all mediums when the time is right. Television is very effective for creating a large scale branding program and driving sales like ads seen in the big football game every February. Ads are anticipated, rated and critiqued well after the game is played. One thing is for certain - TV is a big reach machine and as a full service advertising agency, SRH Media group, LLC can help you navigate the broadcast television waters cleanly and effectively.

Cable TV & Satellite are a cost effective way to geographically reach consumers within your target area.

If you want to connect with your potential customers on an emotional, engaging way, television is the way to go with a large reach advantage over other forms of media. Harness the power of audio, video and reach to convey your unique position in the market place.

Many say that television isn't what it used to be. They are right…'s better. Television remains the American consumer's top media choice for news and entertainment. 95% of all households in America have a television. That’s more than newspapers, radio or even computers. People are spending more time with traditional TV as advances in new technology are offering more ways to access and enhance the TV-viewing experience.

According to studies from Nielsen and Temkin Group, TV is actually being complimented by internet usage. Over 1/3 of television viewers are also on-line while watching TV. Consumers today are using their TV, computer, tablets and or phone at the same time. In fact, 38% of mobile users have gone online to get more information about a product they saw on TV. That’s powerful!

TV coupled with a solid media strategy can be a homerun! SRH Media Group, LLC can help you establish who your target market is and create an effective choice of networks to reach your target.

Television is really cost-effective. You don’t have to have a huge budget. The cost-per-thousand (CPM) is one of the lowest across all advertising mediums.

SRH Media Group, LLC believes the right messages to the right people, the right amount of times coupled with a proper media mix will get the job done right. With the average American watching 4.5 to 5 hours of TV each day, they are exposed to more than an hour of commercials each day. Are they seeing your business?

Everyday we’re connecting advertisers to the right consumers — at home or on-the-go, through quality digital programming, highly-targeted on-line content, and unique community sponsorships. Local broadcast media offers integrated, cross-platform advertising solutions for today and the future.

SRH Media Group, LLC has years of experience that can be your resource to succeed in the marketing arena


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