SMS & Email Marketing

“Permission marketing is marketing without interruptions.” ~ Seth Godin

With 257 million wireless subscribers across the nation sending on average 1.6 billion text messages per day and over 20% of web browsing occurring on mobile devises, this is a great low cost opportunity for your business.

Your potential new customer’s smart phone is the most personal communication tool they own. You can deepen your current customer relationships and build new ones by reaching them directly on their phone but you have to do it with careful thought and a well-defined plan.

Too little communication and it won’t work, too much and they will turn you off.

If your business isn’t all ready capturing your customer contact information, you need to start today.

SMS and Email marketing is a great way to upsell customers, let them know of special events or new merchandise that has arrived. You can also send appointment reminders, birthday cards and a lot more.

We can help you maximize your list, create a communication strategy and help you navigate the legal requirements of SMS and email marketing.

If you want creative ways to capture more customer contact information or maybe you have a list and don’t know what to do with it, call SRH Media Group, LLC today.


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