Print Advertising

“I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets." ~ Napoleon

Print is the ideal communications medium and a powerful marketing tool. Print is still the prime communication and promotional vehicle that works. Print is durable, portable, credible, and universal plus it has a longer shelf life than most mediums. Print creative works well with other media and can complement your on-line and social media strategies.

Most important, print is still alive, cost-effective and print still delivers one of the best visual options for marketing to consumers.

Whether it’s a direct mail campaign, newspaper ads or any other print message, the most critical aspect and the most overlooked element of your ad is the headline itself. If those 3 to 8 words don’t interest the reader immediately, the advertisement will fail. You can avoid these kinds of costly mistakes by hiring SRH Media group, LLC and our talented copy writers.

SRH Media Group, LLC can help you develop the right print creative that reinforces branding, activation and sales by having a message that gets and keeps the consumers attention. We are also pros when it comes to using print as a vehicle for cross platform messaging that compliments all your media messaging.

Print provides a high return on investment. Because print is extremely targeted, you can market to just those consumers you feel would buy your products verses large reach vehicles like Radio or TV.

Direct mail can be very effective way to drive sales. A potential customer can delete an email from you before they ever opened it and they can “opt out” but everyone still checks their mail box each day. Studies show that when print gets read – a whopping 78% of households read or scan the advertising mail they receive. Most do this as soon as they receive it.

Put the power of print to work for your business!

SRH Media Group, LLC has years of experience that can be your resource to succeed in the marketing arena.


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