Pay Per Click

“The time has come when advertising in some hands has reached the status of a science.” ~ Claude C. Hopkins

Pay-Per-Click or as it’s often referred to simply as “PPC” is when an advertiser pays a fee for each time one of their ads is clicked on by a consumer. Using the PPC model is a way of buying visitors to your website instead of trying to earn those visits organically.

Organic traffic will always be more cost-efficient when measuring the cost per conversion but PPC certainly has its place. One of the obvious benefits is you can immediately be on the top of a search page at a time when your potential customer is in the market looking for a product you offer. Another is being able to display your advertising message only to those people that fit your demographic profile or in a geographical area that’s appropriate for your business.

It sounds simple and cost effective so you would think everyone would be doing it. Many are but they are not doing it efficiently. That is where the science comes in.

At SRH Media Group, LLC, we can help you maximize your budgets and your results of your PPC campaigns. We understand the science and can help you eliminate waste and increase ROI.

The Pay-Per-Click advertising model is set up as an auction. Many things influence the price of your bid from the level of competition to your quality score and much more.

At SRH Media Group, LLC, we will first work with you to determine what your goals for your PPC campaign are. You may need to drive traffic to your site, drive membership or subscribers or simply sell products. Next we’ll need to determine what a customer is worth to your business and work with you to come to what you are actually willing to spend to get that customer.

We’ll then take all that information and apply the science to getting your ad click on by more qualified prospects, as they are looking to buy, as efficiently as possible without waste.

Contact SRH Media Group, LLC today and let’s set up a meeting to discuss all the other factors that go into making an efficient PPC Campaign for your business.

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