On-Line Reputation Management

“Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.” ~ Elizabeth Arden

What does your online reputation say about your business? Reputation management plays a major role in the success or failure of a business today.

Today’s potential consumer is doing their research about buying decisions on-line. How many negative reviews a business has visible and what your overall reputation says about your business, greatly impacts a customer’s decision about spending their hard-earned money with a particular company.

Are you in control of crafting your reputation or are others?

Many factors make up your overall online reputation. From correct business information, reviews, to social media messaging all of them play a major role in the creation of your reputation.

The crew at SRH Media Group, LLC knows you can’t please all people all the time but you can’t look at it as just a lost customer. It may very well be the loss of many customers.

You run a business and you simply can’t afford the time to look at what is being said online about your business every day. This is your reputation and you simply can’t afford not to aware of what is being said about you.

SRH Media Group, LLC can have eyes on the web for you all the time and notify you if a negative review pops up online about your business so you can perform conflict resolution. We’ll also notify you of the positive content about your business. We can make sure all of your business information is listed across the web correctly and if not, correct it for you.

It is often thought that you can just go in and remove any negative reviews about your business but in the US, that really isn’t true. Contacting that person to try and resolve the issue is always the best policy but if they posted as anonymous, you don’t even know who to reach out to.

SRH Media Group, LLC believes in the best defense is a good offense. Your business needs more good reviews and good content featured online than bad content.

At SRH Media Group, LLC we have programs to monitor your online reputation and ways to build positive reviews that will bury the bad reviews so deep that potential customers simply won’t see the bad ones. We can also correct any incorrect business information about you on the web and even help craft a social media strategy to help you take control and shape what is being said about you online.

Remember, “Reputation makes customers”.

Contact SRH Media Group, LLC today and let’s discuss how to protect and enhance your online reputation.

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