Logo Development

“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” ~ Dieter Rams

What's in a Logo? Despite the fact Rolex is one of the most highly recognized logos on earth today, very little is known or has been published on the history of its highly driven, enigmatic and ultra-innovative founder, Hans Wilsdorf. No one knows or probably cares about the founder of Rolex just that the logo stands for excellence, quality and success. When you see the Rolex crown regardless of what you think about the product you absolutely know the product! That is because the highly visible logo built the brand.

SRH Media Group, LLC understands the importance of the marriage of the logo to the brand and we can help create and navigate the critical process of logo development. We say critical because your logo is what sets your brand apart from the competitors, so it’s vital that your logo stands out from the rest.

SRH Media Group, LLC will sit down with you and your team to ask a series of in depth questions about your needs and vision. It is true that a logo is an image but it’s also the introduction to your brand. It must be created to reach a specific audience and it must match your unique brand offerings. These important discussions helps us to frame what your customer cares about, what you aspire for your brand to be and how to convey your overall brand’s personality.

Nothing about a logo development process should be viewed as simple. There is a different implication for every color available. A lot of logos simply convey the wrong message because of something as simple as the color.

SRH Media Group, LLC understands that a logo needs to be interesting but you don’t want people to have to study it just to understand it. The design team at SRH Media Group, LLC can help find that perfect balance.

With every potential customer having access to the internet, your logo will appear on multiple devices plus social media. Your logo has to be something that’s more than just a mark on a piece of paper. It has to look fantastic and be impressionable when displayed on different backgrounds, be functional for icons, apps, avatars so it must be flexible in size.

Contact SRH Media Group, LLC today and let’s discuss creating your iconic logo.

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