“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” ~ Mark Twain

If you’re not sure if a jingle would make that much difference to the effectiveness of your Radio or TV advertising think of this….

When you were taught your “ABC’s” as a small child, did someone write down the ABC’s on a piece of paper and give it to you to learn? No, they taught you a jingle.

A catchy little song, sung over and over again and before you knew it, you had learned your ABC’s.

There simply isn’t a better way to make your business memorable in the mind of a consumer like a well-written and produced jingle and there isn’t a better creative team to create your custom jingle than SRH Media Group, LLC.

A professionally produced custom jingle brings instant recognition and growth to your business. In fact, a jingle is 400 times more effective than a commercial that just has a voice over and music in the background.

A jingle is the most cost effective method of building and reinforcing your brand. You can have customers that walk through your store singing a catchy little tune that’s all about you and your message.

SRH Media Group, LLC can develop the correct copy message and pair it with the appropriate music to have your potential customers singing your song.

Working with you, SRH Media Group, LLC can create an entire jingle package for your business that will fit any and all of your commercial needs. There is a wide variety of commercial lengths you can purchase and our jingle package is ready to go no matter the length of your commercial.

SRH Media Group, LLC strives to keep our customers cost down while delivering outstanding results. A jingle will save you money over the long haul. Instead of having the expense of having a new commercial cut each time you need to update your message, you simple update the copy and plug it into your jingle. This gives your brand a consistent, recognizable sound and saves you production cost while helping your business gain market share.

Contact SRH Media Group, LLC today and let’s discuss how to take your radio and TV results to the next level.


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