Corporate Identity

“You are what you are seen to be” ~ Erik Spiekerman

Branding. It is the basic element of any product and service. Think of your entity as the most important identity you will ever have. This says who and what you are… IT'S YOUR DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS! Think of Coca Cola, when you see their logo; you automatically know you are getting a trusted, quality product.

SRH Media Group, LLC will help you visualize your dream. Our complete corporate identity program represents a process during which the SRH Media Group, LLC and your team will participate in a comprehensive needs analysis to identify what distinguishes your company from the competition. We will carefully view your company's methods and mission.

SRH Media Group, LLC will help establish an identity that visualizes your brand by elements, your unique look and feel including what you want your company to represent. We’ll also be focusing on your vision, logos, colors, images and your mission.

Creating an effective and valuable corporate identity helps maintain a consistent identity reflecting your business' core values, people and process.

Once your corporate identity has been created, your business must maintain consistency with your corporate identity. It reinforces your brand identity every time your customer encounters you. This consistency must be followed on all of your social networking platforms, email marketing, newsletters, sales brochures, and website and all of your marketing efforts. This will help create a positive and lasting impression of your company.

SRH Media Group, LLC will also help you establish your corporate identity standards. This enables you to have a standard operating procedure for everyone within your company from managers, individual employees and across your multiple store locations to represent your company the same way each time they have interactions with customers and potential customers. Consistency sells!

A professional corporate identity is a sign of longevity and says, “We are here for the long run”. It provides your business a clear rock solid visual identity and projects your company as reliable and professional. A corporate identity will leverage your brand equity across all your media applications offering you a higher ROI on your advertising efforts.

Contact SRH Media Group, LLC today and let’s discuss your unique identity.

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