“Branding is not merely about differentiating products; it is about striking emotional chords with consumers. It is about cultivating identity, attachment and trust to inspire customer loyalty.” ~ Nirmalya Kumar

Branding & Brand Building

The origin of branding can be traced to ancient times, when specialists often put individual trademarks on hand-crafted goods. This allowed people to know who created their product and the quality it stands for. SRH Media Group, LLC has years of experience with some of the world's top brands. Our experience is hands on from Main Street to Wall Street this experience gives us the strategic advantage of understanding how critical your brand development is to your business.

Branding is the Heartbeat of your business and with the changes in technology, media consumption, social media and drastic changes in life groups, branding is more difficult than ever.

No longer do you buy a Buick because "Dad" bought a Buick. And toothpaste hmmm...most people used what their mom bought them because at that time there were 3-4 brands of toothpaste and as people grew and expanded their view on products the art of branding helped shift minds to look at the “now” over 20 toothpaste options; each branded with unique options like whitening, oxygen infused, tarter control and flavored offerings.

Many things go into developing your brand and it really says who you are. It’s a promise, your look, your voice, and your attributes. A potential customer knows what they are going to get with a well-branded product or service.

SRH Media Group, LLC understands you and your business are unique. Your brand must be developed in a way to touch the hearts and minds of your customers and potential customers. By doing this, you can begin to establish brand loyalty.

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