A Few Words About Us

pic_2“Hell, there are no rules here- we’re trying to accomplish something”
~ Thomas A. Edison

The founders of SRH Media Group, LLC don’t believe in “round pegs in round holes”. That’s how most do it and exactly why you see cookie cutter advertising.

Being a local Advertising Agency that works across the United States, SRH Media Group, LLC knows that we can’t work for everyone and we choose to focus on small to medium size business. These are the partners we seek. They are the backbone of our economy and unlike large corporations, they typically don’t have the ability to hire large advertising agencies and are left on their own trying to run a business, keep up with the changing consumer and the glut of advertising sales reps knocking on their door proclaiming instant success.

With  years of experience in Radio, TV, Digital, Out of Home and creative, we’ve learned that each individual business is unique and has a solid competitive advantage to exploit over their competitor. That doesn’t call for a “round peg in a round hole” that calls for the rules to go out of the window and a truly unique approach. That’s why the advertising techniques we use provide consistent results for our customers.

Call SRH Media Group, LLC today to set up a free consultation to see if we are right for each other. You will then know what we mean when we say, “there are no rules here”.